A Few Ts that Do Not Belong Together

Save Our Children

The Seriousness

In the wake of the Zimmerman acquittal and the outrage and irritation expressed by so many individuals and community leaders, we need to think about other events and offenses that need attention:

  • Teenage pregnancy – why are the rates still so high within our communities? 
  • The senseless murders around the country (Chicago is a prime example) by and against our youths.  With this violence we are losing children on both ends.  Families are being broken; children are dying and going to prison for ‘nothing’ because they believe that’s what their lives are worth.
  • The missing blindfold on lady justice that placed a 20-year-sentence on Marissa Alexander.
  • The killing of Jordan Davis for the playing of loud music.
  • All of the beautiful, important, and loved Missing Brown Babies who do not receive attention in the media.

Let’s let the pain and madness being felt change the perception of our children, correct the wrong direction so many of our children are going in, educate them on their rights and responsibilities, strengthen our families and communities, and stop the cycles of ignorance and images seen in the chosen forms of entertainment.

Our babies are not going to make it if we don’t make time to change things.

Discipline your children, for in that there is hope; do not be a willing party to their death.  A hot-tempered person must pay the penalty; rescue them, and you will have to do it again.Proverbs 19:18-19



Now for the foolishness…Three Ts That Do Not Belong Together

The other day my girlfriend sent me a link with these words in the title ‘… Teaches Toddler to Twerk’.

My first thought…are you serious?

Who in the sam hill made this video and why?

The image shown in the thumbnail was of a chick and a toddler…in diapers…both with their hands on the floor and bottoms in the air.

Mind you, I can’t stop shaking my head…I’m so, so, so many words right now!

What the ‘does this chick have a job’ is wrong with the world?

I refused to click the link because they will not have my click counted as a view.

I was upset that this chick took the time to do ‘this teaching’ when this child (and these are simply my random guesses) doesn’t know how to

  • Use the potty
  • Probably doesn’t know what the alphabet is
  • Probably can’t count to 1
  • May not know her government name

My friend and I talked about how we thought the goal was to keep daughters ‘off of the pole’ not give them instructions as toddlers how to twerk.  Is this child going to be twerking at kindergarten celebrations, family cook-outs, and the park to raise money for toys?

People, parents, do things with and around their children that they think will not affect them because ‘they aren’t paying attention’, ‘They can’t do what I do’, ‘they are babies, they won’t remember’.  Children are sponges – they hear, see, and pay attention to everything.  The things you think they won’t remember are the ones that stand out most.

We, as parents and a community, need to be sacrificial with our wants when it comes to our kids. 

  • Just because you enjoy listening to the worst music around doesn’t mean that your child or another in earshot should.  You can listen to that later.
  • Just because you have to see the most recent episode of (insert terrible reality show name here) doesn’t mean that your child needs to. 
  • If you can’t find a sitter and just have to see the latest rated R movie at 10pm on a Thursday, that means you need to stay home…not take your child to the movies with you!

Take time to think about your actions and how they affect your children and those around you.  BE A LIGHT to guide them and not a hallway of darkness…

(stepping down from my soap box)
Scherie Writes
Scherie Writes
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