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ACT Dont’t React

I do my best, and I feel a good job, of doing things decently and in order. I find that when I ACT and do the things that I need to do, I am not reacting.

When I am forward thinking and look beyond a decision or action, I see it from various perspectives. It gives me a better understanding and allows me to be more objective.

So many times we tend to React instead of taking ACTion. If we ACT when we need to, things tend to work out better.

You may have seen my seen my social media PSA yesterday venting about being irritated with people who are not acting accordingly.

I have a concern. I laid out a plan of action that followed protocol. It was decent and in order. Well, those involved are not making themselves available so I modified the plan but kept it decent and in order. I am taking ACTion instead of reacting to a negative action.

Step 1 taken, promises were made but sadly no fruit came. They were empty promised or lies, I am not yet sure which.

Step 2 taken. I am still waiting for a response.

Step 3…yesterday’s PSA, a little venting.

I have been patient…My Patience Pot is full. I used my 2018 word to enact GRACE aka unmerited favor.

Think about it like this…Step 1: Your parent tells you to do something in a kind voice. But you don’t do it. Step 2: They come back with a stern voice. You haven’t done it. Step 3: They raise their voice you ‘hear’ them and get moving.

Since you did not ACT when directed, you lose a privilege as well. You may get thumped on the forehead. But in your eyes they are being mean, unfair…poor pitiful you.

Stop sitting around ignoring what needs to be done. ACT. Stop reacting to negativity and respond to the real issue. Look at the whole issue from all sides and be willing to accept your role within it.

I am not getting the response I wanted nor expected (I expected better) towards my concern but I will continue, decently and in order, until my concern is remedied. I will not stop. They will learn that no response is worse than acknowledgement.

Stand Up, and do it decently and in order!

Written in Love,



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