Be SMARTer, Bring Your Fishing Rod


SMART phones don’t make YOU smart.  I think they may make some people even lazier than they are naturally.

We all know people who can Facebook all day long but will call to ask you to give them the number of some random place.  You have a SMART phone…you can look it up yourself!

People will ride around lost without using their GPS or looking up directions on their SMART phone.  But they will go to LinkedIn and endorse someone’s skills or ask to join their network.

They will play games on FB and get their ‘Likes’ on but these same people say ‘I don’t check my email because I forgot my password’.

What the foolishness??



There’s a link on most (ok, I’m gonna say all) login pages that say ‘forgot password’.  How about clicking it and doing a password reset?!

Then you have the people who say ‘texting is not proper communication’ but never answer their phone. 

So you text them, leave voice messages even then and they say ‘I never got your text and I haven’t checked my vmsgs’…from days ago?  Really?  YOU said to text you and you don’t get your text msgs properly.  You clearly have issues and they are not related to your SMART phone.

Throw their phones off a cliff and see if they jump after it.  (These) People are not SMART.

Thank the Lord for patience and the ability to vent, LOL.

I’ve turned the faucet off for things you can do yourself.  I will instruct and teach you to fish.  Fish …and not wait for someone else to do something you can do yourself.  You will learn or do without whatever it is you are looking to find out.

If you read something that seems familiar, I’m talking about YOU.  Do something about it – be better!  Challenge…



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