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We have so much to be thankful for… It’s a never ending list that starts anew with each new day we see.  If we compare ourselves and our blessings to a others we will never be happy, content, satisfied, or feel blessed.

When we hear of someone getting, doing, or enjoying something that we don’t have or want, how do we feel?  Most of the time, most of us, are happy to celebrate the accomplishments with the blessed one.  Now, there are some times that we have to go back and pray for a spirit of appreciation of others. Our flesh may initially say ‘Um, why not me?!’ instead of a genuine congratulations.

Whose Blessings are you mad about?…

  • They don’t need/deserve that.
  • That should have been me.
  • How did they get all that?

So many times we focus on others and miss what we’ve been blessed with. We are so busy looking at someone else’s blessings that we can’t see our own.

Look at your life…Really look…and see what God has blessed you with. Look back over the years and see how you have grown, increased, improved, and been blessed.

Once you are done reflecting, I’m sure your eyes will be better able to see your daily blessings.

In All Things Be Thankful. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18

What God has for you is for you. ~ Jeremiah 29:11


In Love,  Scherie

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