Brown Dolls Over Here, A Poem

There have been all kinds of things going on with me the past couple of weeks.  BUSY has been the word every single day.

I believe that I can slow down…just a tad…after the first day of school!  Wish me luck.

With all of the activity going on and foolishness that tries to creep in, I had a vent post in mind.  Oh, it was a real vent too!  Somebody may have cried in the car, LOL!

I’m thankful that I had a moment of clarity and decided to post a poem.  This poem’s topic is a touchy subject for some but it is dear to my heart because I have 2 daughters whom I love more than life and teach them to love the way they look.   Even if the media doesn’t show images of us as beautiful, we can do it ourselves and promote our children and keep societal stereotypes of ‘the look’ at bay.

I hope that you enjoy it!


Brown Dolls Over Here

I will not buy a white doll for my girls

I buy those that are brown like my girls

I consider buying those that are blue, pink, purple, and yellow

Because they are fun to see and play with


I buy brown dolls because I will not have my girls think

All that’s beautiful doesn’t look like me

It has blonde hair and blue eyes and skin that’s lighter than mine

Because that’s not true, I will not use my money to

Purchase such things


My girls know that the most beautiful things in the world is them

With brown skin in various shades

Curly hair that they can wear in so many ways

Dark eyes that see the wonderfulness of this world

And a heart that knows that the world can be cold


What they see in the mirror will be seen in their dolls

So they know there’s no lie being told

When I say they are the most beautiful girls in the world



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