A smile oftentimes makes things better. It’s a kind and warm act that says ‘Everything is gonna be alright!’ A couple of years ago, I made it a point to smile every morning when I opened my eyes and thanked the Lord for another day. It makes a difference. Some days it’s hard to find […]


Teach Me

So often we pray for guidance but find it hard to distinguish between our wants and the Lord’s voice. These words may seem simple yet they are a powerful prayer… Give them a try and see the clarity they bring to your lufe. #ScherieWrites Follow ScherieWrites on Twitter and Facebook



We all know the saying “Actions speak louder than words.” We can say any ole thing we want, but that doesnt mean that it’s true or going to happen. Sometimes we say things for the sake of talking. A lie doesn’t care who tells it. I believe that I show others what is important to […]

Inspiration Motivation


It’s Friday! Today is an exciting day for us working folks because the weekend awaits us! I’m ready! But…queue the music, serious Scherie here…I cannot get the thousands of Federal Government employees who are not getting paid or have limited paychecks remaining off my mind. As we watch all of this play out, what does […]