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We all have grand plans…what we want to be when we grow up, money we are going to make, things we are going to do, so on and so on.

We have dreams, ideas, and goals. Make plans to meet them. Share them with the people in our lives.

Allow whispers of doubt cloud our dreams, goals, and ideas. Let the whispers grow to conversational volume and second guess ourselves.

Hear the yelling of doubt saying we are not good enough, smart enough, worthy of such lofty dreams, ideas, and goals.

Today is the day that you yell at doubt knowing that you are more than good enough, smart enough, and worthy! Listen to the whispers of the Holy Spirit instead of doubt.

Why? Because God has a perfect plan for your life…His Will.


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Scherie Writes
Hello World! I am Your Every Day Super Chick who has a passion for sharing my faith, writing, and insight with others. May my writings value to your life.

2 thoughts on “Doubt”

  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments Sylvia. I appreciate you reading ScherieWrites.

    I pray that the Lord provides you the moments of clarity needed to see His path for your life, the openness of your heart and mind to hear His word, the faith to trust Him and the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and a circle of people to encourage you.

    If you have not already, find a Bible based church to help guide you along the way. May the Lord keep you.

  2. Scherie, GOD bless you for your encouraging words. I am desperately trying to gain back ground clearly that was taken from me by GOD’s enemy. That one who talked to Eve rather than Adam. Yes he’s the one like Eve, I listened to and began to hear and believe his report rather than the LORD’s. Yet, I’m learning that I have to surround myself and pour into myself the WORD of GOD, not man. Hope that in addition to all that you’ve listed yourself as that you are a Pray Warrior Princess who will add me to her prayers.
    You are lifted up with thanksgiving in mine.

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