Education Begins with You

When I have an editorial in my church’s Youth Ministry newsletter that touches me, I will include it as a blog post.

Last week’s newsletter highlighted our Youth Ministry team who lead our youth in their Christian education during Sunday service.

While completing this newsletter, it made me think of how little people actively teach their children about the Bible.  Many people may go to church on Sunday but that’s the end of their weekly spiritual experience.  They do not read the Bible with their family, discuss the sermon heard on Sunday, or actively engage their children in learning Biblical events.  Go beyond Sunday morning, let’s do better and change this. 

Enjoy this editorial article…


Education Begins with You

Education begins at birth.  Children learn by what they see, hear, and are taught.  When children are introduced to learning early, they grasp it faster.  When they have enjoyable educational experiences filled with parent participation and rewards, they will grow to love learning. 

This applies to formal education as well as Christian education.  Text book knowledge is wonderful but so is the learning that comes from God’s word through the Bible.  Bible teaching is not allowed in public schools but that is not a hindrance in my opinion.  We have our homes and our churches to study our Bible each and every day. 

  • Do we make time to review Bible lessons with your children as we do their daily homework?
  • Do we discuss life events as seen on TV and the news and relate them to Biblical principals? 

Some of us are not comfortable enough in our Biblical knowledge to share with the world but we can surely share it within our family  and grow together.  Knowledge comes by way of reading, instruction, and experiences.  Within our church homes most of us have access to all of these through Sunday worship, Sunday School, Bible Study, Youth Church, and Vacation Bible School. 

 Take advantage of the opportunities available to allow you and your children to grow in the Lord’s word.  It is never too early to begin the road to Christian education. 

 Let’s not raise statistics who are erroneously labeled by the media as degenerates but rather change the perceptions of our children by teaching, demonstrating, and leading them in the proper way to live – by God’s Word.

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