Everyday Mother

I honor those who came before me by working to be a great role model for those who are growing up watching me.

I have been Blessed to have many good women in my life.  They have used the Light in their lives, wisdom, experience, and love to direct me to the proper path.

As I work to be a woman of  noble character I lean on the training of the faithful, wise, strong, beautiful, classy, scholarly, graceful, and all around wonderful women in my life every single day.

I am thankful to be an Everyday Mother!


Celebrate the beauty of Motherhood and all it gives this day and every day!

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!

Written in Love,
Scherie Writes

Scherie Writes
Hello World! I am Your Every Day Super Chick who has a passion for sharing my faith, writing, and insight with others. May my writings value to your life.