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Today, I read a wonderful article from my Success newsletter that made me want to share!

Not familiar with Success magazine? It is a motivational magazine with articles to educate and inspire its readers to be their own success story. That’s my summary anyways. 😉

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8 Ways to Give Yourself a Boost

Picture this: It’s 7:00 a.m. and your alarm is going off—again. You’ve already snoozed twice, but you’re still groggy, so you do it again, pull your covers up and sink back into the mattress. What’s nine more minutes?

When you finally crawl out of bed, get dressed and go to work, the day goes by in a blur. Answering emails. Sitting in meetings. Writing reports. Making calls. At 5:00, you gather your things and drive home.

Sleep, wake up, work, repeat. It’s a daily grind that will have you burning out the next time your alarm goes off.

There’s more to life than that. But you have to understand exactly how valuable you are to break the cycle.How can you make sure you’re exercising self-worth?

This month, focus on that—practicing self-care for the sake of self-respect. Here’s how.

  1. Love yourself first. Get started on the path to self-respect by reminding yourself of your strengths daily, limiting comparisons to other people, figuring out what you truly value and living a life aligned with that. Here’s a list of strategies to help you practice daily self-respect.
  2. Seek joy. Determine something that brings you happiness and commit to that joy. Aligning your goals with your core values can inspire good habits and productive practices. Committing to joy is a great strategy to practice in 2018.
  3. Speak your mind. Tap into your many voices to express what’s important to you: your passions, the values you believe in, your feelings, your aspirations. In fact, not speaking your mind is one of John C. Maxwell’s four major mistakes everyone should avoid making.
  4. Be you. To thine own self be true: Authenticity is your greatest asset. Look at your wardrobe and plan looks that will make you comfortable and confident. Don’t dress like someone else! Learn why dressing for success actually works.
  5. Embrace change. You’ll need to adapt to change. Luckily, you’ve already done it before. Take a moment to celebrate changes that you successfully adapted to.It’ll help you weather the next storm on your path to a more fulfilled life.
  6. Create calm. Think about your office: What feelings does it inspire? Ensure a hit of positive emotion with a framed picture of your spouse, child or closest friends. Here are some tips to help you create a more positive environment.
  7. Copycat. The world is full of inspiring achievers. Identify the people who motivate you, and consider their strengths. Do they have habits you can emulate? You can start by taking a look at our list of the top achievers from 2017.
  8. Take a moment. Say a prayer. Or take a moment of silent meditation for yourself. Whatever your beliefs might be, stop, listen and seek some sort of connection. Learn how to unlock the benefits of meditation and prayer.

Understanding your self-worth can lead to lifelong happiness. So how confident are you? Do you truly believe in yourself? Your level of confidence plays a big role in measuring your self-worth. Give your well-being a boost by asking yourself these three questions to determine the quality of your confidence.

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