Good Friday

I Love Easter!  I Love Good Friday!

Good Friday…Celebration of the Washing Away of Our Sins through the Sacrifice of our Lord and Savior.

The Promises & Blessings Over Your Life Never Expire!  

What a Wonderful Blessing!  It makes me smile to just think of how much we are loved by the Lord!

No matter what you have done wrong, left undone, failed to start…let it go.  Don’t live Today in past failures.  The Promises meant for your life are still for YOU and You Only!

Today is

  • A a great day for a fresh start.
  • A new beginning to follow the path that was established for Your Life before you were born.

As you celebrate this Holy Easter weekend, look at your life, your actions, your decisions and see how they align with the Promises that God has for you.  Make it your mission to allow Him to lead you so that you can see, live, and enjoy all that He has Promised YOU.

As our Pastor said last week “Don’t park in your lane…DRIVE in Your Lane.”

Go and see the fulfillment of Your Promises in Your Life!



In Love,

~ Scherie Writes



Scherie Writes
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