Grandma’s An Angel


Last Night….

Our family has lost its Matriarch with the passing of our Grandma Julia at a blessed 88 years old. She lead her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren into the place we call Family.

For the 20 years that I knew her, she was an example to me of a Woman’s Faith, Grace, Strength, Wisdom, Kindness, and Unconditional Love. No matter what circumstance arose, Grandma Julia exhibited those same qualities. She would always have a smile on her face so you knew that there was one in her heart. I cannot recall a time when she was anything other than Loving and trusting of the Lord.

Not being able to speak to her on the phone during her illness these past couple of weeks has been hard for me. Not having her to call every other day to say ‘Hey, how’s today treating you’ and share a laugh leaves me at a loss.

I am thankful to have her words of wisdom, her loving actions, and perseverance that will live on in my life. I am thankful that our girls got to know and love their Great-Grandmother so much. I am thankful that the Lord put me in the place to meet and love such a Wonderful Woman. I am thankful for the family that Mendez Jeffries​ and I have to surround us during this time.

Thank you for the utterance of all prayers, happy thoughts, and condolences you speak on behalf of our Tittle family at this time.

I know that she’s resting in peace and looking down on me with my Grandma Mattie and my Grandma Nettie. Maybe they’ll have a ‘Grandma get-together’ and swap funny stories!

In Love,

Scherie Writes

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