Have You Met the Amazing YOU

One of my favorite inspirational quotes that I like to share is:

be-yourself short


What a powerful sentence! You have the ability to be anything that you want to be in life.  Being YOU is the simplest and best choice that you can make.

There are so many influences that make us feel that the substance that makes you ‘YOU’ are not good enough, lack some special quality, are not worthy, should be better.

These influences can be anything from TV shows, commercials, magazines, friends, family, society in general, and YOU.

We look at ourselves and try to define who we are based on who we think others want us to be, what society says that we should be, someone else’s perceptions, and even our flaws.

God Made You Original


God does not look at you for those things.  He looks at you for who He created you to be – An Amazing YOU.  There is no one who can be YOU better than YOU.  No one is going to smile the way you do, have the same thoughts and abilities, and be YOU.

As you look around each day, do not strive to be someone else or have what they have.  Be the Amazing YOU that God made you to be and live in that happiness.


Who God Created You To Be


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