Hidden Figures

We all have hidden figures in our lives.  We may be the hidden figure in the lives of others.  A hidden figure by my definition is someone who invests in our lives through prayers, support, love.  Their actions make positive deposits to our living.

The ultimate expression of generosity is not in giving of what you have, but in giving of who you are.

-Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole

A hidden figure is someone who does things without expecting anything in return, without being asked to, without making it about themselves.  They do it because of who they are.

They may move behind the scenes in our lives by doing kind things for us …their presence of being there, offering advice, wisdom, praise, and constructive criticism.  They may be the…
  • neighbor who picks your kids up from school, babysits, takes them to an activity when you cannot.
  • teacher who challenges you to do more and be great.
  • friend who gives you true opinions.
  • parents of your friend who treats you like their own.
  •  teacher who makes sure your child is safe.
  •  church member who hugs you when you need it most.
The things they do may seem small yet they leave a huge impact.   Their acts are actually their hidden works that can improve lives, change lives, and help lead to successes in daily living.

The movie Hidden Figures is about three of the many Black Women who were instrumental to the NASA space program and begins in 1961.  (I know my history so I am still shocked that this story slipped past me.  It challenges me to dig deeper, learn more, and share it with others.)

Their work was critical to NASA yet they are not widely known.  They did work that was key to success yet their names are left out of so many textbooks and movies.  These women are pioneers who did amazing things at a time when they were challenged because of their gender and the color of their skin.  They are worthy of the utmost respect.  True trailblazers; They make me proud!

The lessons that I took from the Women of Hidden Figures are simple things that can lead each of our lives:

  • Mary Jackson knew that standing up for what she knew she deserved was well worth a fight.
  • Katherine Goble Johnson knew who she was, her worth, and stayed true to herself.
  • Dorothy Vaughan knew the power of unity and its purpose in life; she was not out for individual success.


Who are the hidden figures in your life?  Let them know that you see and feel their presence and thank them for investing in your life.  You can pay it forward and let your hidden figures see a return on their investment by being a hidden figure in the life of someone else.

Written in Love,

Scherie Writes


Scherie Writes
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