His Light

As I listened to the tone of the person on the other end of the phone change from courtesy to disrespect, the Lord whispered words that I had spoken to my daughters and a group of their friends a few days before…”Do not let the actions of others shake you from your character.   Do not respond to their rudeness with more rudeness.  Be true to yourself and let your light shine because there is never a reason to be rude.  You are better than rude.  Let your kindness speak for you.  Your kind actions may change theirs.”

As I listened to the angry words being spoken to me, towards me, at me – I chose to heed God’s whispering. I did not respond in anger.  I did not raise my voice.  It was in that moment that I realized that the talk I gave to my group of girls (who seemed caught up in what they had to say instead of listening) was for me and this moment.

My light, God’s Light in me, was able to shine through the darkness of the moment.  It allowed me to be who God wanted me to be instead of the version I could have been (in my car driving to where this person was sitting).  The light of my actions spoke more than a rebuttal of angry words could have done.

I still have a ways to go but I am thankful for how my light has grown. 

Oh…I am not one to allow others to disrespect me.  You shall be called to the carpet.  Later the same day, I did tell the person how I received the change in tone and its disrespect. They have apologized.  

Written in Love, 

Scherie Writes 


Scherie Writes
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