In My Weariness

Earlier this year, my days were very long. Weary is a good word to describe where I stood…or sat rather.
Why use weary you ask. Weary covers feelings of tiredness, overwhelmed, needing to move forward. When we spend time doing what we want to do, what others want us to do, and not what God is leading us to do…we become weary.

We all have cycles where life seems to get the best of us. How do I keep moving forward? I know that there is a bigger picture than my right now. God has me covered on all sides! I know that I must start doing what I am called to do.
During this time, I made it a point to do more of what made me happy. I scheduled, created, and completed things that were within my gifts…teaching, working with the youth, educating others and myself, volunteering. My schedule worked better. Restful time showed up without a challenge. My days were not so ‘long’ and my time was well spent. It felt good!
What must we do to relieve our weariness? Focus on what God is saying to you. Let go of thoughts on what you may lose and focus on what you will gain.
Donnie McClurkin’s song ‘I Need You‘ is a go-to song for me and says it well…

Where would I go without your hand holding me
And how could I live without you, I could not see
Lord what could I do with life, where would I go
How would I handle things, Lord I don’t know
I pray again
Lord I fall, I fall so short, so short
You know my end Lord
From the start you know my heart

God gave us talents to use them for His glory and our happiness. Take action, put in effort, get your it done.

Simply said – I may Fail, I may Fall…again and again and again…but each time, in my weariness, I Rise.You can too. Do not let weary days keep you from rising to the challenges God has for you.

Written in Love,

Scherie Writes

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