Just Perfect

For all of you who wonder ‘Is Scherie perfect or what?’

The answer is YES!


I am perfect!
My family may challenge that with complaints and comments about my yelling, nagging, forgetting to do this or that, not folding laundry, burning dinner, planning a million should be fun things, etc.

I am perfect!
For the point where I am in life.

I  am perfect!
For the family that I have today and in this season.
Each action that I take has a reason. Yes, even the yelling and nagging.

I am perfect!
Even though I fail at something evey day. Whether it is arriving late, not signing a communication from school, leaving something out of a lunch box, forgetting class snacks, serving left overs (again), making a breakfast with things someone no longer likes, shrinking a shirt/jacket/you name it, missing a deadline, not reminding someone (14 times) to do something on their to do list, choosing to argue instead of walking away.  Yup, I fail in some way every day.

I am perfect!
I choose to continue to strive for better. To push myself, my family, my friends to do more and be better.

I am perfect because I accept me for me!  That’s the only person I’ll ever get a chance to be…Just Perfect Me!


Know that you have imperfections.  Know that they should not keep you from growing better each day.  Know that you are greater than any imperfection!

Written in Love,

Scherie Writes

Scherie Writes
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