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So many people are separated from the church, religion, and God because of the words, hypocrisy, and attitudes of other people. Do not live a faithless life based on someone else’s actions.

God’s Word is sovereign.
God’s Word is true.
God’s Word saves.
God’s Word is not changed by someone else’s interpretation.

God Loves You.  I know that for a fact and want you to know as well. Learn for yourself how God feels about YOU. Build your relationship with God based on what you know and learn about Him.

Don’t let the actions of others drive you to a hell of an unhappy life, depression, a lack of faith, not having a relationship with God, suicide, substance/mental/physical abuse.

Learn for Yourself, Grow for Yourself, Know for Yourself who God is. It can change YOUr life!

Start today…read the Bible, find a devotional to guide you through the Bible, attend church service, talk to someone you trust…Start, today.

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