Look, There’s A Rainbow

With all of the rain most of us have been getting these past 3 weeks, it has been a soggy summer thus far.  Some of you may have thought about building an arc just to make sure you have a place of refuge if these daily thunderstorms continue.

No worries, about that though, the Lord said that he wouldn’t flood the Earth again.   Unless He’s given a different message that I’m not privy to, I believe we are safe on getting 40 consecutive days and nights of rain.

Even with all this rain and the ‘what kind of summer is this’ feeling, we know that it will get better.  When it was time for Noah to leave the ark, he was given the rainbow as a sign.  The rainbow was a symbol of God’s word and its truth.

The rainbow is God’s promise that the world will not be destroyed by flooding again.  (Genesis 9:12-17) It symbolizes new life and new beginnings.  Noah and his family were stepping off of the ark into a world that had been cleansed; so they received a new beginning.

The rainbow is still a wonderful symbol in our lives today.  When dark clouds of unhappiness, despair, sickness, loneliness surround us – we need to look for God’s rainbow.  God’s rainbow can be one in the sky, a positive person who enters our lives, a word from the Lord that speaks to our heart, or response to prayer.  It can come in whatever form the Lord sees fit.

The rainbow is there, we just have to be aware of it, look for it, and most of all expect it!  God loves us and will never put us through more than we can handle.  He believes in us more than we do!

While visiting a close cousin in the hospital this weekend, I was able to see many relatives that I had not seen in a while.  The coming together of our family, the support and love shown was a rainbow to my spirit.  It helped me to know and believe that my cousin would make it through with our continued support of her and each other and prayer.  The rainbow is standing strong as she is getting stronger each day and making our hearts smile.

Know that your rainbow is coming.  No matter your current circumstance or situation, it is coming.  It may be hidden behind clouds, dirty windows, or even stormy skies, but it will be there in God’s time.  Pray, look up, watch, and stay ready for your rainbow.

Thank God there’s a Rainbow for me…


Thankful for God's Rainbow - My Baby's Creative Work in Vacation Bible School this Summer
Thankful for God’s Rainbow – My Baby’s Creative Work in Vacation Bible School this Summer


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  1. My boyfriend and I was just discussing that scripture. This was confirmation on everything that we discussed. Great blog!!!

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