My Faithful Journey

About 2 months ago, due to a medical issue I’d been dealing with for the past 6 months, my Dr. and I scheduled surgery for me on the morning of Monday, November 10, 2014.

Well, today is November 14 and I’m so Thankful, Happy, Blessed to say that surgery was no longer needed.  I learned the week before that my issue that I’d prayed about for so long…was gone.  It took care of itself!  Isn’t God Awesome, along with way He made our bodies?!

When the need for surgery came up, I held tightly to my FAITH.  My prayer from the initial mention of surgery until it was no longer needed was ‘Not my will Lord, but Yours’.  My FAITH kept me at this point.

Faith Is

I prayed that prayer so that my selfish nature would not pray for what I wanted.  You know how it goes; we want God to give us what we think we should have when we think we should have it.  We miss out on so many things because of our ‘thinking’.

Since I don’t know everything (don’t tell my children that, they think that I do) I had no way of knowing if God would use this surgery for His Glory to

  • Allow my Dr. to do something awesomely amazing.
  • Show me how effective and efficient my family could be during my recovery time.
  • Make me sit and take a break that was needed to keep my health intact.
  • Showing me that the world wouldn’t crumble if I didn’t do ‘it’…whatever task ‘it’ currently was.

Which also means that I had no way of knowing what Blessings not needing the surgery would bring to my life.  God could have intended it to

  • Give me a renewed spirit.
  • Allow me to take a step back and see the big picture.
  • Be a better, stronger, more powerful testimony to others.
  • Appreciate ‘now’ and its ever-present gifts more than ever.
  • Add another miracle to my life and heal my body.

Whichever path was to happen, I was FAITHFULLY comfortable with it.

The Will of God


Waiting in the Dr.’s office at my last appointment before surgery, I continued praying.  When certain questions were asked I silently said ‘Thank You Lord, you’ve done it!’. When my Dr. actually confirmed that surgery was out of the picture, I had to hurry and check out so that I could get to the car with my tear-rimmed eyes.  Once there, I sat and said all of the thank you prayers that came to mind while I cried. I didn’t move for about 15 minutes.  I then drove back home to tell my hubby in person!

If you know me well, you know that I’m very private about ‘my’ business.  If you don’t add any value to ‘my’ business, you probably don’t know it.  That’s just me.  So, in dealing with my medical concerns few people knew.  I enlisted the prayerful help of my family, friends, and prayer warriors at various stages of my medical journey.  With each step, they were supportive and prayerful that it would all work out.  None of us had any doubt that I would make it through just as God intended.

Writing this for others outside of my inner most circle to read was a potential dilemma for me.  I value my privacy but I treasure the power of God and the testimony that He’s given me more.

This Life of Mine

No one knows your entire story.  What you choose to share is to your discretion.  When God moves in your life, that sharing becomes a part of your testimony.  It has Power.  It has Meaning.  It can change the lives of others.

I pray that my sharing, a part of my testimony, will add positive value to your day, life, and spiritual growth.

In Love,

~ Scherie

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