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Oh, I Will Judge…

The young ladies (mostly) and other folk like to say “Don’t judge me” when they have done something or made a decision worth judgment.

Oh, I Will Judge…

What they call judging, I call guidance and wisdom. Oh, I will judge.  My judging comes out of love, concern, and the desire to see them prosper and avoid pitfalls that I see ahead,  I’ve been through, they can be better for missing.

When you give advice out of love, I don’t calling it judging. When helpful information is shared in the spiritof help, I don’t call it judging.  People who judge tend to have their best interests in mind rather than the person they are speaking of and supposedly helping.

Guide Me Not Hold Down

Oh, They Will Negatively Judge…

Think about the people who offer advice without knowing all the facts. They don’t need to ask questions or even talk to you; they know you and your business just because they think they do.  They will judge you, your current actions, your future actions, and the ones they choose to make up for conversation sake.

Judge Me

Now, recall the people who can see the unhappiness on your face, listen, and give thoughtful input without being asked because they care. Think about how they use positive but tough words to help you see through to the answer you need.  It may not be the answer you want, but it will be the one that is helpful.  These people, they are judging and providing guidance.

I’m thankful for the judges who have helped my decisions.  My family is full of Aunts and Cousins who don’t beat around the bush. They give it to you straight but they do it in love.  It was a challenge to appreciate it when I was a child but looking back, I can see the wonders their judging did in my life.

Can you tell the difference between the people in your life who Judge you with negative energy versus those who Guide you?

Make it a point to let them know that you appreciate their judging. It is November…the ThanksGiving Month.  I’m pulling out my thank you cards, pen, and stamps to send notes of love to my judges.

Yes, I’m Judging You 🙂

~ Scherie


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