Planting Season

We all have seeds to sow while living life.  Many do not pay attention to the planting season but are always ready to harvest.

What do I mean?  There are those who do little to enrich the lives of themselves and those within their circle of family, friends, and community but are always ready to benefit from the work done by those same people.


Living life intentionally means that we consider the things that we say and do before we put them out into the world. When you live intentionally, you can rely on God and know that all things are working for your good.  (Thank You Lord!)

Being intentional makes you give thought to all things and the response or consequences associated with them. Those of us living intentionally…

  • We have values and live according to them.
  • We take care of ourselves.
  • We nurture our spiritual and physical well-being.
  • We take care of our families.
  • We are considerate of others.
  • We are mindful of our finances, including deposits and expenses.
  • We are relationship builders instead of bridge burners.
  • We are HAPPY to be alive!

It is always Planting Season.  Planting Season is every day.  There is always time to do or say something to sow seeds of love, helpfulness, friendliness, spirituality, or caring throughout your days.

When you are feeling down, need a hug, have a long and trying morning/day/night, or need words of encouragement you benefit from the seeds that you have sown.  Those who you have shared with are now ready and willing to share with you.


As we enter the Thanksgiving season, check the level of your seeds.  Take a moment to reflect on You and Your Relationships and then look at your seed stock. Is your seed bag full of seeds waiting to be sown or nearly empty because you have already spread them?

Enjoy Travis Greene’s wonderful song, Intentional as you check your seeds –

Written in Love,

Scherie Writes

Scherie Writes
Hello World! I am Your Every Day Super Chick who has a passion for sharing my faith, writing, and insight with others. May my writings value to your life.