Pray Some Mo’

Every night of Vacation Bible School this  year has been good but about last night…Last night’s class was AWESOME!

Our teacher surprised us by closing with direct, one-on-one prayer with all of the attending Ministers!   I don’t know about you but I do not pass up being prayed over, for, or with my Christian family.  There’s always time to Pray Some Mo’!

It was such a wonderful and powerful feeling in the sanctuary as each Minister prayed with someone, others were in their seat praying, others were standing and praising, and some of the little ones watched.

With my littlest one being present during the Prayer Session, we had our regular good conversation during our ride home about each of our classes and the day’s lesson.  It was the littlest one’s turn to be Prayer Leader for bedtime prayers and she did a good job.  Then she paused and said, I’m going to pray silently and she went into prayer for about 2 minutes!  When she said her ‘Amen’ aloud, I gave her a kiss and told her ‘A Praying Baby is a Powerful Baby!’

It is a Blessing for children to know the power of prayer.  It is amazing for them to not just recite the Lord’s Prayer but to be able to freely pray about what is going on in their lives, pray for others, and live without worries.


Prayer is a powerful tool that we should make a part of our daily lives.  I pray when I’m making decisions, when I’m happy, when I’m sad, and my baby reminded me…when I’m mad.  We say a prayer together each morning as we leave the house to head on our way. We pray together each night at the kids’ bedtime.  There’s always time to Pray Some Mo’!

Don’t be afraid to talk your prayers to the Lord.  He knows what’s on your heart and mind but by you speaking the words directly to Him…that’s where your power comes in!  He knows what you need, He is waiting for you to Ask and Expect it.  

Start today, Start NOW to Speak Your Life’s Blessings Into Existence Through PRAYER.

All Day, Every Day, Make Time to Pray Some Mo’.TalkToGod


In Love,

Scherie Writes

Scherie Writes
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