Present vs Presence

​​Remember during roll call in elementary school when the teacher said your name, you would answer ‘present’?  

Present meant that you were in the classroom, accounted for…present.  It did not mean that you had done your homework, were ready to listen, weren’t going to be a class clown, were attentive. It simply meant that you were there…present.

Sometimes we can be Present but not have a Presence.  

Spending time with our kids with the TV blaring, no conversation,  and no engagement is being Present.   

Living your life on a phone call is being Present.  You get dressed, drop children at school, work, pick children up, return home all the while talking on the phone…a never ending phone call cycle. 

In these times, we are Present but not actively engaged in anything going on around us.  We are missing Moments within our lives!

When living a Present life, we couldn’t answer a single question about our precious child, spouse, mate…how was their day, what made them smile, what challenges did they have, what new things and experiences did they have?

We tend to be Present in so many things and in so many ways.  We watch life go by.  We let others make decisions for us.  We choose to not do for ourselves what others can do for us.  We do not try.  We are Present…Passive…Placeholders in life.

It’s so easy to let the TV, video games, and negative influences have a Presence in our lives.  

  • It’s easy.  We don’t have to engage.  
  • It’s convenient.   We don’t have to put in any effort.   
  • It can seem normal. Other families do the same thing.  

Truth is…It’s flawed. We don’t have good relationships being Present.

So many times we go with what’s easy and convenient instead of what’s needed and necessary. 

Having a Presence means that you are actively involved in life.  

Your family and friends notice when you are not around, they enjoy time with you, they share themselves with you…Presence.  

You can have a meaningful conversation,  a gutt jiggling laugh, thoughtful insight and not feel awkward…Presence.  

You are approachable…Presence.  People are happy to see you…Presence.

You are aware of opportunities.   You are productive.  You are engaged and attentive.   You have an impact… Presence.

Don’t raise your hand in life to simply be counted as Present.  Your Presence has good things to offer.   Use it and share it with those who care about you.

Which way are you living life? Are you Present or do you have a Presence?  What actions can you take today to have a active Presence in your life and the lives of others?

Written in Love, 

Scherie Writes


Scherie Writes
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