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Last night when closing his show, Ryan Cameron asked a thought provoking question “If you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today, what would you receive?”

I asked my children this question while they were getting ready for bed. No verbal answer was required. They gave thought to it and one decided to pray some more. 😊

What about you? How far does your thankfulness go during each of your days? Do you take blessing for granted? Would your tomorrow look like your today if it was based on what you had thanked the Lord for?

Most of us need to be more thankful and can stand to pray some mo! Thankfulness is not reserved for the Thanksgiving holiday season.

Stand in your blessings and be thankful for everything from your waking up, a roof, gas money, teeth, to the ability to wiggle your toes. Ev-er-y-thing!!

Happy Friday!

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend! #ItsADayOnNotADayOff


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