Strong Opinions

When speaking about things that I feel strongly about the ‘Angry’ or ‘Angry Black Woman’ label comes out of the mouths of, friends, co-workers, strangers.

It doesn’t stop my passion.

No one has to agree with what I say, things I feel passionately about, or share my values.

It won’t stop my passion.

I have strong opinions, therefore I blog.  I blog to share my perspectives with others.  If you don’t agree, don’t read.

I have strong opinions, therefore I speak on them.

Truth isn’t Angry…even when delivered by a strong person.


Maybe, just maybe, if we all spoke passionately about something of value we could stop the nothingness that society is becoming.

Written in Love,
Scherie Writes

Scherie Writes
Hello World! I am Your Every Day Super Chick who has a passion for sharing my faith, writing, and insight with others. May my writings value to your life.