The past couple of weeks have been filled with fun and sunshine…

  • The birth of a healthy new baby cousin
  • Celebrating the birthday of my youngest Princess
  • Congratulating both Princesses on being Students of the Month
  • A wonderful work transition for the Hubby
  • A long holiday weekend

Lots and lots of sunshine I tell you!  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!  Keep the party going!

In the midst of sunshine in our lives, there will be clouds, rain, and maybe even a storm.  These sunshine blockers can be people, events, or consequences of your decisions.

When you have people who attempt to block your sunshine – Do Not Let Them.  Yes, it’s that simple.  Do not allow them to block the sunshine in your life.

When people throw shade in your direction you have a choice in the matter. It is up to you to decide where this shade will fall…on you, your shadow, or get blocked by your powerful sunrays!


  • People who create drama where there is none are throwing shade.
  • People who see the negative in everything are creating clouds.
  • People who find fault in all that you do are creating rain.
  • People who attempt to put their problems, poor decisions, and unhappiness on you are working to create a storm in your life.

We cannot control the actions of others but we can control how we react to them.

Stay Ready, Poker Face On, with Rays of Sunshine ready to BEAM down the clouds, shade, rain, and storm that messy people try to bring into your life.  Get your inner Funshine Bear working!

Build your happiness and emotional foundation on YOU, not on the actions of others.  The choice is yours…

Written In Love,

Scherie Writes



Scherie Writes
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