There She Goes

What people think of us is typically based on past experiences and encounters with us.  Of course there are people who form opinions about you without ever speaking a word to you.  We’re not worried about them, they can have that foolishness.

We all have people who you love to see and some that you can do without seeing at all.  Those that we are happy to see know it by the smile on our face, the lightness of our voice, the cheerfulness shown.


Are you a person who others are happy to see?  Do you give others a reason to be happy to see you?

When people see you coming, do you wonder what they think?  What do you think their first thought is when they see your face?

  • There goes that pretty smile.
  • Um, who is she gonna talk about today.
  • I wonder what joke she has to share today.
  • What is she going to ask me to do now?
  • I love seeing her!
  • What excuse does she have now?
  • I can’t wait to hug her!
  • I can pass on her every day pity party!
  • Ugghh, there she go…LiveJoyfully

If people aren’t happy to see you, take a moment to look at what could be the cause of this.  Are you spreading sunshine or drama?

  • Try sharing a good laugh instead of gossip.
  • When you ask ‘How are you doing’ really mean it and care about the answer.
  • If you don’t want to talk about your business, don’t talk about someone else’s.
  • Be true to your character and who you are.
  • Share a SMILE instead of a frown.

Don’t walk around being a tumble weed when you are meant to be a beautiful flower!


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– Written In Love,

Scherie Writes

Scherie Writes
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