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For 2017, I decided to have a word to define how I would go about things for the year.

Looking over the previous year, I saw myself being stretched. Too much at times. People would lean on my kindness and helpfulness a little too much. I saw moments where they could have made a small adjustment and gotten something done but instead, they chose to ask me. Scherie can you, Scherie would you mind, Scherie I need your help with… tasks, children, errands, responsibilities.

As I went through these scenes in my mind, many of the people who asked for my help came through when I needed theirs. And they often came through above and beyond what was asked. Then there were those who were always unavailable, busy, or simply unwilling to help me when I asked. These tended to be the ones who asked for my help the most.

I prayed, listened, and decided that my word for 2017 would be Reciprocity. A simple word that means so much. As I focused on reciprocity, it allowed me to say ‘No’ to those who I knew were taking advantage of my time. It also allowed me to say ‘Yes’ more to those who valued my time. Using Reciprocity to help guide my decisions, showed a clear picture of who deserved most of my time – ME.

When I make time for ME it allows me to make time for everything else that is important in my life. I was more intentional with my time and spent it where it most benefited ME. This, in turn, supported my family’s priorities better instead of focusing on those outside of my home.

I feel that my word of the year served me well and I will continue it for 2018. I have been listening to the promptings of the Lord, going through the scenes of my life, and feel that my word for 2018 is…

GRACE to me means unearned patience, care, tenderness, favor. The Lord grants each of us new mercies and grace each day. I feel that I need to work on passing this grace along to others. May 2018 be my year of GRACE.

How can you grow this year? What’s your word for 2018?

Written in Love,

Scherie Writes

Scherie Writes
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