Who Stretches You?

The question on my mind this week is: Who Stretches You?

  • Who is the person who motivates you to do more?
  • Who is the person who inspires you to do better?
  • Who is the person who gives you the encouragement to do bigger things?

People Who Motivate

We all need a Stretcher…someone who we look to up to, respect, can depend on for total honesty, and

    • Who listens to our dreams and goals.
    • Who understands our aspirations.
    • Who can see the meaning in our goals.
    • Who helps us to know that we can Stretch our talents and abilities.
    • Who allow us to believe in ourselves instead of being our worst critic.

Self-doubt can keep you standing in the same spot, sitting in the same seat, and doing the same things.

Look at the faces in your circle and make sure that you have a Stretcher in your corner to help you reach your dreams.  If you don’t see your Stretcher, re-examine your circle, and then go out and find one.

The support of this person could be the tipping point that gets you to the start and finish lines.

Surround Yourself with Motivation

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