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Words, Words, Words

We have so many words. People talk all of the time. We speak about important things, ridiculous things, frivolous things, untrue things, their own business, other people’s business, somebody’s business.

We allow words to make us happy, sad, angry, and all kind of other emotions. Why? Because we care. Because words matter. Because we value what other people say about us.

We allow words to speak things into existence in our lives, tear down our dreams, puff us up.

The words of others can do all these things in our life because we let them. When we allow someone’s words to make us angry, we are giving those words value.

Let’s say that a person who you know doesn’t like you says to someone else who doesn’t like you…’Her baby is not cute’ or She is fake’ or ‘She thinks she is something’ or some other jealous foolishness.

Now you know that you could care less than a dead rat’s behind about either of these folks. Their words carry no weight because the people have not value in your life. None. What they say is unimportant.

In these moments, do not allow their hollow words to control your feelings, actions, or words. You ignore them and devalue their words.

Yes, words matter but you get to decide which have value in your life. Hold on to the words that add sunshine to your days and refuse to receive any that do not.

Make each day amazing…on purpose!

Written In Love,


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