Brown Dolls Over Here, A Poem

There have been all kinds of things going on with me the past couple of weeks.  BUSY has been the word every single day. I believe that I can slow down…just a tad…after the first day of school!  Wish me luck. With all of the activity going on and foolishness that tries to creep in, I had […]


A Few Ts that Do Not Belong Together

The Seriousness In the wake of the Zimmerman acquittal and the outrage and irritation expressed by so many individuals and community leaders, we need to think about other events and offenses that need attention: Teenage pregnancy – why are the rates still so high within our communities?  The senseless murders around the country (Chicago is […]


This Is Not The End

We’ve closed out graduation ceremonies for the 2012 school year. It has been fun to celebrate all those who graduated whether it’s from Pre-K, 5th grade, 8th grade, High School, Basic Training, Technical Training, or College. The fact that they completed something is enough for heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS! Now that we are done with congratulating and celebrating, […]