Be Blessed

When you decide to go through a storm alone.  Know that you chose that road on your own.  Someone cares about your struggles. Someone has a listening ear for you. Someone has arms ready to hug you. Someone is praying for you. You can’t put up walls to hide your emotions, create an island of […]


There She Goes

What people think of us is typically based on past experiences and encounters with us.  Of course there are people who form opinions about you without ever speaking a word to you.  We’re not worried about them, they can have that foolishness. We all have people who you love to see and some that you […]



The past couple of weeks have been filled with fun and sunshine… The birth of a healthy new baby cousin Celebrating the birthday of my youngest Princess Congratulating both Princesses on being Students of the Month A wonderful work transition for the Hubby A long holiday weekend Lots and lots of sunshine I tell you!  Happy, […]