ABW: Awesome Black Woman

When I read the quote, I knew that it was for ME.

I had shared some info, answered some questions, and many repeat questions. I was tired of repeating myself. Repeat questions from adults who can do better get to me.

Oh how I wanted to get some people together. I probably would have been labeled an ABW…Angry Black Woman. But I remembered the hat that I was wearing…Leader, Listener, Problem Solver. I kept myself together and finished well.

When I was done, I opened an app and this quote popped up!

I thought, “Thank you Lord for holding my tongue, patience together, and showing me this quote.”

Sometimes we need to put ourselves in the other person’s position to understand their behavior. Be more thoughtful and considerate. Push our attack mode to the back.

Since I’ve read this quote, I keep it in mind more. I am better than ‘reading folks’ when they mess up. Correction in love is so much better.

I’m shifting ABW to the positive side and being an Awesome Black Woman!

I’m a work in progress. Give it a try with me…


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