We all know the saying “Actions speak louder than words.”

We can say any ole thing we want, but that doesnt mean that it’s true or going to happen. Sometimes we say things for the sake of talking. A lie doesn’t care who tells it.

I believe that I show others what is important to me by how I spend my time, things I talk about, people in my inner circle, and things I do consistently.

What do your actions say about what you value, cherish, is most important to you, makes you happy? Do they line up well with how you wish to be seen?

Now, what do the actions of others say about how they respect, value, appreciate, like, love you? Do they line up with their words?


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Hello World! I am Your Every Day Super Chick who has a passion for sharing my faith, writing, and insight with others. May my writings value to your life.

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