He Knows My Name

“You Know My Name” by Tasha Cobbs Leonard ministered to me as I pulled into the parking deck this morning. My hands were up and the people behind me probably thought that I was crazy. I was in a worship moment!

After I turned my car off, I was still humming and heard the song start over. Another car was blasting it! I opened my car door and sang along.

As I did so, I noticed that a young lady had just gotten out of her car and was singing along as she gathered her things. You know that I can be loud so as I got out of my car I yelled “I see you singing and praising; Good Morning!”

She smiled, laughed, and began to tell me that this was her worship song this morning. The first thing she heard was this song and as she drove to work she meditated on what the Lord had placed on her heart and hearing this amazing song blasting through the parking deck was confirmation to her. What a Blessing!

The simple and truthful words of the song told me that my busy day would be greater than I was already imagining via Tasha’s words…”I am walking in Your Victory because Your Power is within me. No giant can defeat me. Why? Because You hold my hand!”

We are all called to spread God’s Word and His love. Most times, we never know the impact our actions have on others. The person playing “You Know My Name” blessed us this morning. We never saw who was in the car but we all worshipped together.

Let your light shine.Share kind words with others. Be strong in your Faith. Let your actions minister to others.

Have a Faith-Filled Fabulously Fun Friday!

Written In Love,

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