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Re-Parenting Tip #412

With so many daily interactions with people, a long standing thought for me has been ‘Some of you need re-parenting!’

What is re-parenting in ScherieWrites’ world? Sharing of simple life lessons that you may have missed while growing up because I’m hopeful that they were taught to you.

In an effort to donate my manners knowledge, I’m going to be more mindful of foolishness and share tips to help the less parented. You’re welcome!

Lesson #412: Wetting your fingertips is not hand washing. That’s a fingertip-dip and your hands are still dirty. You’re nasty.

Proper hand washing steps:

1. Turn on water (Adults do not use cold water)

2. Wet both hands

3. Get soap in palms of hands

4. Rub hands together to make an awesome lather of bubbles…front, back, in between the fingers, keep going

5. Rinse soap off of hands and shake excess water into sink

6. Turn water off (feel free to use a paper towel for suspicious faucets)

7. Get a paper towel and dry hands well

BOOM! Your hands are now clean! Do this all day, every day and watch your life improve! 😊

Thank you for tuning in to the first episode of Re-Parenting with ScherieWrites!

Happy Friday Everyone!


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