The Guiding Light

To honor the memory of my Grandmother Mattie’s birthday today, I’m sharing this post from August 2014.




Helen Baylor has one of the most powerful testimonies that I’ve ever heard.

I think was around 17 or 18 the first time that I heard Helen’s Testimony about her Praying Grandmother.  The song touches my spirit each and every time that I hear it.  I tear up thinking about my life, my family, and my Blessings.

In the song Helen speaks of her Grandmother and how she loved her, prayed for her, and how her grandmother’s praying kept her.  It means something to be ‘kept’ in prayer.  The prayers of someone in our lives has ‘kept’ many of us from bad decisions, wrong actions, hurt, harm, and danger.  In Summary…

Prayer of Righteous

If not for my Praying Grandmother, I can’t say that I would be who or where I am today.  My Grandmother loved me like no other.  She didn’t care what was going on in the world, what I had been rumored to have done, been caught doing, or was thinking about doing…I was her Ice Cream (her favorite thing).  She was a constant source of love and happiness in my life.

My Grandmother passed away 14 years ago but she still lives within my heart and is a guiding light in my life.

Guiding Light

I know that I still have people who are constantly being an intercessor for me.  I am ever thankful for the prayers and thoughts of those who care for me.  It is my prayer, hope, and goal that the Guiding Lights in my life will continue to shine brightly and allow me to be the same for my family, friends, and young people in my life.

How is your light shining?  Is your life and its actions guiding others to good, bad, or ugly?  Let your light shine on the path in the right direction.

When was the last time you prayed for someone else?  Someone’s praying for you…pay it forward.

Never heard Helen Baylor’s Testimony?  You definitely should, it’s titled Helen Baylor’s Testimony – A Praying Grandmother.  (Of course it’s on YouTube!)



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