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We All Chase Something

Yesterday I drove out of town to celebrate the life of the Husband and Father of my family’s dear friends. As I drove, I was watching for my rabbit aka another car going my speed and direction that I could ride along with.

As I thought about my rabbit, it made me think about what we chase in life. Because we are all chasing something, right?

Are you chasing a rabbit…someone who challenges and builds you up to continue to grow and do your best? It could be a mentor, a friend, a person you’ve never met but find yourself inspired by, a family member. Do you have a rabbit? Are you someone’s rabbit?

Or are you chasing a turtle, a moose, a rock? They may not do much, socialize much, grow much, or stretch much but maybe they motivate you in some way.

When was the last time you took a good look at your life’s values and goals? Surely they can give you a clear view of exactly what you are chasing, right? Right?


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